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"Atmosphère" cruise

Day or Night cruises on the Saint Martin Canal, with "Live" singer

Price : from 23.00€ / pers

Description of the cruise

A romantic and out of the ordinary trip of around 2.30 hours offers an opportunity to hear the history of the "Parisians' Paris" as you cruise along the calm waters of this canal, lined with hundred year old trees and spanned by elegant footbridges. Is there in Paris more unusual and attractive urban outing ?

During this cruise, the past, the present ... and the future of many districts are blending to make thrilling chapters of the mysterious and unwonted Paris' history. You will also relive the tragic events and spicy anecdotes.

You will slide under the mysterious and spectacular vault of the Bastille, where the light is there magic...

Perhaps, will you have a thought for the 504 victims of the three glorious, which are still lying in the pedestral of the July's Column. Another one for the mummy which Bonaparte brought from Egypt, further to a mistake this one is still there. You will also travel with the Knight Templars, Mona Lisa... and others characters who made the small and the main history of Paris.

What a pleasant way of crossing swing bridges and boiling double locks, isn't it ?

Discover this Paris' "Atmosphere Atmosphere", dear to the actress Arletty and follow the Marcel Carné's tracks, which made of the Saint Martin Canal a place to be for shootings of french movies.

Between each commentary of our guide, our singer, will give you an outline to some of the famous songs of Paris ...

Special offer : 1€ discount on La Parisienne bottled beer if ordered online with your cruise ticket

Born in Paris, brewed and bottled in the Greater Paris, La Parisienne is an unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beer. Since 2014, La Parisienne brewery has committed to produce handmade craft beers of the highest quality, using only the best ingredients sourced as locally as possible and following the strictest standards.
Price on board : 4.50€ - 3.50€ if purchased online

Practical Informations

  • Duration of the cruise : 2h30
  • Map of the cruise tour
  • Languages :
  • Departures :
    Bassin de la Villette
    Port de l'Arsenal
  • Arrival :
    Port de l'Arsenal
    Bassin de la Villette
  • Bar on board at your disposal


  • Cup of Champagne
  • plate and a glass of wine (Plate of salmon or assorted delicatessen and cheese)

Booking conditions

40 people minimum / 250 people maximum

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40 people minimum / 250 people maximum



Enjoy a nature day by the Ourcq Canal
A day to discover the secret marvels of the Ourcq canal, from the Bassin de la Villette to the green settings of the "Parc Forestier de la Poudrerie" in the north-east of Paris.
We offer you the opportunity to bring your bikes on board on a part of the cruise will be horse-drawn crafted !

Price from : 46 € / pers




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