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Discovery cruise of the Canal Saint Martin

1h15 cruise on the Saint Martin Canal

Price : from 14.00€ / pers

Description of the cruise

This sightseeing cruise of Old Paris can be done in half -term . During 1h15 discover two differents aspects of Paris . Two formulas are both fun and informative to allow children to climb or descend the Saint- Martin canal , discover the system of locks, switches bridges and drawbridge and at the discretion of the course Parc de la Villette and XXI century or so the old Paris , its kings of France and the Place de la Bastille.

1st FORMULA : The mysterious vault of the Bastille, two swing bridges and two double locks Port de l'Arsenal in Square Follereau ( Paris - Gare de l'Est ) or vice versa , you will successively under the vault of the Bastille and the crypt of the column of July, will cross the locks of the temple and the Recollects and spend the last two switches bridges basin “marais”. You will learn the life of the Templars and cross , the operation of switches bridges and why Napoleon decided the construction of this canal.

2nd FORMULA : The Parc de la Villette , the centenary drawbridge Crimea and two double locks Basin or the Parc de la Villette Square Follereau ( Paris - Gare de l'Est ) or vice versa, you will discover the Parc de la Villette , Europe 's largest park with 55 acres of gardens teaching , home to the Geode city of Science and Industry as well as the city of music. Then you cross the Bassin de la Villette , former drinking in the city of Paris water tank, and leisure thought and imagined by Napoleon basin. Finally, you will spend the double locks “dead” and “Jaurès” where to find the name " Bistro " and what tool preceded the guillotine comes ...

Practical Informations

  • Duration of the cruise : 1h15
  • Map of the cruise tour
  • Languages :
  • Departures :
    9h45 from the Bassin de la Villette
    14h30 from the Port de l'Arsenal
    11h00 and 15h45 from the Square Raoul Follereau
  • Arrival :
    Bassin de la Villette
    Port de l'Arsenal
    Square Raoul Follereau

Booking conditions

20 people minimum / 250 people maximum

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20 people minimum / 250 people maximum



Enjoy a nature day by the Ourcq Canal
A day to discover the secret marvels of the Ourcq canal, from the Bassin de la Villette to the green settings of the "Parc Forestier de la Poudrerie" in the north-east of Paris.
We offer you the opportunity to bring your bikes on board on a part of the cruise will be horse-drawn crafted !

Price from : 46 € / pers




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