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Theatre cruise on the Canal Saint Martin

Available from April 2024

Unique in Paris, immerse yourself in the history of the Canal Saint-Martin accompanied by our actor.

Description of the cruise

Exceptional, on October October 28th, 2023, come and experience an IMMERSIVE cruise on the Saint Martin Canal. Mixing improvisation and theater, you will journey through the ages, accompanied by Arletty and Louis Jouvet (Atmosphere, Atmosphere, do I...), Napoleon Iᵉʳ, the initiator of the canal to provide drinking water to Parisians, and the Templars who settled in the neighborhood.

Starting from the Port de Paris Arsenal, at the foot of Place de la Bastille, to Square Raoul FOLLEREAU or vice versa, during a 1 hour and 15 minutes journey with our favorite actor: Xavier GAUTHIER, you will discover the functioning of the locks, a system devised by the ingenious Leonardo da Vinci, you will navigate under the mysterious vault of the Bastille, conceived by Baron Haussmann, you will try to find the location where Victor Hugo's Gavroche once hid, and you can stroll through the Port de Paris Arsenal, a haven of peace and tranquility in the heart of Paris.

During this UNIQUE cruise in Paris, the past, present, and future of several neighborhoods blend to create an exciting page of history, an unusual and mysterious Paris.

Is there a more "exotic" and atypical urban stroll in Paris?

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For the comfort of all passengers, we advise against this cruise for children who may not appreciate the theatrical performance and respect the actors' integrity.

Highlights of your cruise

  • The show is given in French only
  • The only immersive cruise on the Saint Martin Canal
  • An unusual discovery of the Saint Martin Canal
  • A UNIQUE experience in Paris

Practical Informations

  • Duration of the cruise : 1h15
  • Live Comments :
  • Departure :
    According to our schedule:
    - Departure from Port de l'Arsenal (2 p.m.) : pedestrian access in front of 50 Boulevard de la Bastille - 75012 PARIS / Metro: BASTILLE
    - Departure from Square Raoul FOLLEREAU (4 p.m.) : in front of 131 Quai de Valmy - 75010 PARIS / METRO: Château LANDON

Map of the itinerary

Boarding or disembarkation points depending on the cruise chosen

Port de l'Arsenal

131 quai de Valmy 75010 PARIS