Cruises in Paris on the St Martin canal, the Seine, the Ourcq canal and the Marne

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Q : How do we get to departure points ?

We recommend you to look at the section: “Our boarding points” on our website, where you will find maps and the metro access.

Q : Do we need to book ?

It is necessary to make a reservation for all our cruises.

Q : How much time before do we need to book ?

If you are an individual or a group under 20 people, you should make your reservation about 8 days before the cruise. We can also make reservation in the morning for the afternoon, depending on the availability. Concerning groups of or above 20 persons, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible. Actually, there are a lot of demands on the period between May and June.

Q : At what time does the office open and close ?

Our office located at Bassin de la Villette, is open every day of the week, from 10 am to 3 pm without interruption.

Q : Is the agency open during public holiday ?

Our agency is opened all year long except on December 24th, 25th, 31st and on January 1st.

Q : How long before the departure is it necessary to arrive ?

We recommend you to arrive about 30 minutes before the departure.

Q : Is it possible to reserve particular seats ?

Placement aboard is free.

Q : Is it possible to do a cruise at any time during the year ?

The cruise on the Saint-Martin Canal takes place all year long, on reservation, except on December 24th, 25th, 31st and on January 1st. The cruises on the banks of the Marne River, Impressionnistes et Guinguettes en Seine and on the Ourcq Canal takes place only from April to October. The cruise "La Parisienne" is available from May to September and the cruise "Atmosphère" from July to August.

Q : Where can we buy tickets for the cruises ?

Tickets for our different cruises can be purchased in advance, directly on our website, by mail or via networks such as Ticketnet or France Billet (stores: Fnac, Virgin, Carrefour, Geant, Leclerc…). Finally, you also have the possibility to buy them on the day of your cruise, in our office, before the boarding.

Q : Which modalities of payment are accepted ?

We accept payments by credit card (visa, mastercard), checks, cash, holiday vouchers.

Q : Can we cancel or change an individual reservation ?

Tickets are only available for the date and time indicated on them. They are not exchangeable or refundable.

Q : Is there a minimum age for children on board ?

There is no minimum age for children on board. However, the cruise on the banks of the Marne River, Impressionnistes et Guinguettes en Seine and on the Ourcq Canal which lasts one day long, is not recommended for children because it can be very long for them.

Q : Which languages are available for the presentation on board ?

Our guides give their commentary on our cruises in French and in English. Summaries on the Saint-Martin Canal cruise are available in the following languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, chinese and Deutch.

Q : Is there a guide who gives a commentary on the cruise or is it recorded on a tape ?

he cruises are commented by our guides on board.

Q : What is the minimum number of people required to constitute a group ?

We apply the group rate for groups of at least 20 people.

Q : Can we bring food and drinks aboard ?

It is forbidden to bring food or drinks on the boats. If you wish to drink or eat something, there is a snack-bar at your disposal.

Q : Is the boat covered and warmed ?

All our boats are divided into 2 decks: the lower deck which is covered and the upper deck which is outside. They are also warmed during the winter.

Q : Are there toilets on board ?

All our boats are equipped with toilets.

Q : Is there an access for disabled persons with wheelchairs ?

The access to the boats is problematic for people with wheelchairs, especially at the Marina Arsenal since it is entirely paved. Plus there are stairs on some of our boats. Only the persons with manual wheelchairs can do the cruise on the Saint-Martin Canal if they are accompanied with people who can help them. It is the same problem for the cruise on the Marne River, because there are stairs at the landing stage in Joinville le Pont.

Q : Is it allowed to smock on board ?

As in all public places, it is forbidden to smoke on board.

Q : Can we take a bike on board ?

We accept bikes only in the morning and if there are not a lot of passengers.

Q : Can we bring luggage on board ?

We accept luggage on board unless there are a lot of passengers on board.

Q : Is it allowed to bring pets on board ?

Small pets are allowed if they are kept on lead or in a basket and Subject to available places.

Q : Is there a parking lot nearby the boarding points ?

Next to Marina Arsenal, there is a paying parking lot which is located at 30 boulevard de la Bastille. However, there is no parking lot in the neighborhood of Bassin de la Villette. You will have to park in the streets near Quai de la Loire.

Q : Is it possible to heat a feeding bottle for babies ?

Indeed, it is possible to heat a feeding bottle on our cruises.

Q : Can we get off the boat during the cruise and is there any stopover ?

There is no stopover during the cruise on the Saint-Martin Canal and therefore no possibility of getting off. The only possible stop is at Parc de la Villette.

Q : Does the ticket for the cruise of one day include the lunch ?

The rate of the ticket does not include the lunch service.

Q : Can we have lunch directly on the boat during the day cruises ?

It is not possible to have lunch on the boat which is closed during the stopover.

Q : How long does the stop for lunch last during the day cruises ?

he boat stops approximately 2 hours , next to the restaurants.

Q : Can we buy a picnic on board or next to the restaurant ?

You must plan to have your picnic with you.

Q : Is there a special area where we can have our picnic ?

You can find this kind of area in the Parc du Tremblay ( for the Marne river or have your picnic along the Seine river or the Ourcq Canal.

Q : Is there a special rate for children for the day cruises ?

There is no special rate for children on these cruises. Actually, these cruises are not recommended for children because it can be too long for them.

Q : Is it allowed to dance at the restaurant “Chez Gégène” during the lunch time ?

Actually, the dancing activity is planned on the boat, after the lunch, with our accordion-player.